The heart behind the solution

Open, pragmatic and goal-oriented

My name is Martin Riedel, and I live by the beautiful Lake of Murten - water is my element. I was an active competitive swimmer for many years and gained my first formative coaching experience during 15 years as a swim coach. Back then, my motivation was the same as it is today with my coaching and consulting:

"To help others discover and unfold their own potential."


Doing the right thing instead of doing things right.

Peter Drucker


A holistic approach

It is important to first take a bird's-eye view to precisely understand why a company or its sales department stands where it does - in relation to the goal it once had - and also the reasons behind it. From these experiences and potentials, we togehter develop a challenging yet realistic goal definition and the necessary, achievable steps.

'Many think they don't have time to sharpen their dull saw', because they think they need to saw more and faster. I take it a bit further and ask even deeper questions. Are they even sawing in the right forest, the right tree? Does the sawyer have the right skills, equipment, and motivation? Many companies do things a certain way simply because they've always done them that way. A honest, expanded, as well as structured questioning and reflecting on experiences will suddenly clarify a lot and make visible what could be possible.

Start with the true purpose of your customer relationships. Your navigation arises from the current state, the realistic goals for you, and my experience brought to the table.


Pragmatism means looking at the situation realistically and finding the best possible solution with the help of experience, facts, and intuition - not the perfect solution, but the best one.



25 years experience in Global Account Management

Establishment and leadership of Global Account Management at Schneider Electric

20 years active as Global Account Manager & Regional Head of GAM

Evaluation and development of 6 new Global Accounts in Switzerland

Selection, coaching, and leadership of Global Account Managers

Defined, developed and deployed a new solution selling training portfolio to improve the skills of our 80 GAMs, 50 regional Account Managers and over 500 local Account Managers and Solution Architects. The key skills to improve were Solution Selling, Selling to the C-Suite, Consultative Selling, and Creating Shared Value.

5 years in Strategy and Operations

Strategic Relationship Building Initiative applying ‘Triple Fit Canvas’ workshops

Schneider Electric was a 2-time Excellence Award Winner in 2020 and 2014 at SAMA (Strategic Account Management Association)

Speaker at GAM events including IMD in Lausanne, INSEAD in Fontainebleau, HSG, and Valuecreator in St. Gallen.




I am a good investment in case you...

  • openly share your situation and challenges
  • are open to change.want to set realistic goals instead of striving for internal recognition
  • want to implement practical experience rather than theories.
  • genuinely want to cultivate business relationships as partnerships.
  • are willing to incorporate more room for intuition in decision-making.

All my best decisions in business and in life have been made with heart, intuition, and guts, not analysis.

Jeff Bezos

I am a lousy investment in case you...

  • prefer to write concepts for the drawer rather than implement them.
  • require a specialist for precision work.
  • cannot handle uncomfortable questions well.
  • avoid disclosing deficiencies in your organization.
  • expect dozens of PowerPoint presentations.