1. Building Strategic Relationships

Purpose and foundation for your Strategic Relationships

Start building your relationships from the beginning with the right foundation. How would be you ideal customers and way of relationships? Define the clear purpose, goals and positioning for your business relationships. Your strategy needs to be well communicated and understood, before it can be successfully implemented. 

  • Define internally the sense and goal of strategic relationships
  • Collect your most important criteria for collaboration
  • Position strategic sales vs. traditional/local sales in your organization

Define clear goals and build a strong foundation - this is the key for sustainable customer relationships. 



Partnerships with the potential to change everything

Stop selling - Create a new culture and synergy of collaboration with your partners - with customers, suppliers, any partnerships. Drive innovation and shared value creation like working as 'One Company'. Raise the bar for mutual success!

  • Triple Fit Canvas - a structured, comprehensive 360° analysis of the business relationship, built togehter with your customer across the fit in planning, execution, and resources.
  • Shape a new partnership-oriented collaboration and value creation strategy.
  • Turn weaknesses into strengths and generate shared unique selling propositions.
  • 5 steps: identifying weaknesses and potentials, developing solutions, creating concrete action and timing plans, convincing stakeholders to define the cooperation strategy and initiatives.


  • For all kind of Business Relationships: Customers & Suppliers, Joint-Ventures … Engineering Companies, System Integrators, Representatives, Distributors, Panel Builders, EPCs, … for long-term relationships but also for a single large project.

Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes; but no plans.”

Peter F. Drucker



Support for your Sales and Marketing teams

About the business value for customer success

Does your sales promotion and 'Value Propositions' mainly consist of technical advantages? Customers are interested in how a solution can solve their business challenges and make them more successful success. Learn and apply ‘Consultative Selling’ to identify the real needs of your customers and reach positive purchasing decisions.


  • Determine the potential business value of your solutions for the customer
  • Design an efficient communication process between marketing, sales, and customers
  • Develop the appropriate 'Value Propositions' and revising the sales promotion
  • Build relevant questioning catalogues for sales to identify the 'Fit' between customer problems and solution potential
  • Find the right opening for discussions with customers when presenting new technologies and solutions

Customers don't buy products, they buy solutions to their problems.




2. Successful Global Account Management


Starting the right way into successful Global Account Management

Is GAM the right business model for you? Assess your potential and associated risks. Which customers are the right ones, and how do you shape collaboration? Set realistic goals and plan your steps wisely. Transition effectively from the existing sales organization to GAM with the right momentum. Utilize the appropriate resources in an effective manner without jeopardizing existing business.

  • Develop the purpose, value, potential, and risks of GAM for your company
  • Set realistic goals for building your GAM and develop a clear roadmap
  • Design an efficient transition from your existing sales organization and resources to GAM
  • Develop strategic customer relationships through Triple-Fit Canvas (see point 1) for customer selection and relationship transformation
  • Gradually build the GAM organization, establish a training program, and provide coaching

Don't just start, start right. A successful start is not a coincidence but the result of smart decisions.



Improve the Efficiency of Global Account Management

Are you ready to give your GAM a fresh boost? Are your customers sometimes hesitant to innovate and grow together? Do you know exactly where and why you have bottlenecks in your GAM?

Find and leverage your own and your customers potential. Align your processes accordingly. Reduce complexity, limit reporting to the essentials. Give your GAM program a refresher that puts you back on track.

  • Analysing of the current situation, development/experiences of recent years compared to set goals.
  • Focus on the typical bottlenecks and often basics of GAM, which are often overlooked in practice and taken for granted by management.
  • Review, re-align or re-design existing processes and tools focussing on how they support you reaching your goals
  • Develop strategic customer relationships through Triple-Fit Canvas (see point 1) for customer selection and relationship transformation

Focus on what serves the customer.



3. Winning new customers, developing existing ones to their potentail

Acquisition, Upselling, Cross-Selling

As experienced coach and sales professional, I support your organisation to win new customers and expand exisiting business relationship to their potential.

  • Especially start-ups, which already have already successfully deployed first pilots, have challenges finding the right sales strategy and sometimes lack competences, will profit from my expertise.
  • Often, companies do dot approach the full potential of their customers and oversee cross-selling opportunities.
  • With my tailor-made consulting, applied and proven methods, I help your sales teams to increase revenues and build profitable and long-term partnerships.

From test-runs to triumph - with the right strategy and customer on the speed line.





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My goal is your sustainable success..